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Guests Galore!

Hello all!!! What an amazing opening we have had. We officially opened our doors on July 1st and have been almost booked solid since that time. We are 90% full for the month of July and have started receiving some

reservations for the months of August and September. I am truly humbled by the kind works of encouragement we have received from our guests. They have truly been amazing! We have met some awesome folks already and can't wait to meet our further guests.

We have had some minor hiccups here and there, but for the most part things have been running smoothly. Most guests are amazed at the views!! And yes, they are amazing!!

I have started a part time job and will be playing the piano at a nearby church. Hopefully I will be able to juggle it all!! If you see me in town looking quite ragged just know that I am trying my best to maintain!!!

Bye for now!!!

Nikki and crew

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