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New Adventures

So, I said to good-bye to my friends and co-workers in Glenwood Springs this past Thursday. I worked with these guys and gals for over 2 years. It was bittersweet as I will miss them greatly, but the time had come to follow my dreams. Our family has been united and we are hard at work on renovations. Sometimes I feel like I'm way in over my head, but all it takes is for me to go outside and soak in the mountain air and tremendous views and I remember why we were drawn to this property at first sight.

I visited the Ouray public library and did some research on the families of Log Hill Mesa and Colona. A picture of "The Pinon Grove School" was in one of the library books I checked out! This historic school house is located on our property. We will hopefully have it open to guests to tour very soon! If anyone reading this has any old pictures of the school house I would love to see them!

On a different note, we recently acquired a new puppy "Rue". She's a long haired German Shepherd and she's an absolute mess. We love her though!!!

Isn't she a cutie pie!!!!!!!!

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